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Agony Game Preview

On May 29, Madmind Studios finally released it much awaited video game, Agony. Agony has received mixed reviews ever since its release with some stating that it failed to live up to the hype that was created by the trailer. However, there are also other critics who are equally impressed with this horror survival video game.

For us, the game is just in between, it’s neither boring as is being stated by some critics nor is it one of the best video games out there. However, as it’s the first production of Madmind Studios, it’s reasonable to state that the Studio is still finding its feet in the business.

Game Availability

When it released this game, Madmind revealed that the game will first be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players with access to these three can get their hands on the game to try it out for themselves. However, the game will also be available at some online casinos such as Novibet Casino that offer video games in due course.


In Agony, you will play as a lost soul who finds himself stuck inside the gates of hell. As you would expect, the fiery fires of hell are too much for you to handle thus the quest is to escape soonest. The best and probably the only way you can escape from these fiery fires is by ‘soliciting’ a meeting with the Red Goddess, the keeper of hell. Not only is it difficult talking your way out of this place in your meeting with the Red Goddess but you will have to overcome some fleshes and demons along the way.


In order to reach the Red Goddess, you need to overcome some obstacles at first namely fleshes and demons. There are basically two ways in which you can overcome these obstacles. The first method is to do everything stealthily i.e. when walking in the valleys and/or past the demons and fleshes. The other way is to look for bodies that you can possess so you become a walking flesh. You need to carefully select the fleshes otherwise you will meet your fate while at it. The best way however to possess a body is to kill a martyr and then possess his body.


Madmind Studios really tried to portray hell as realistically as it could. The graphics are of good quality, in fact, they rival those of some of the best games we have seen. For horror game fans especially, they will find the graphics to be absolutely top-notch, however, for those just looking for entertainment but not necessarily fans of horror survival games, the graphics may come out as too explicit with the fleshes being shown and also at times explicit sexual scenes. Some of the demons in Agony have heads that are blown out, exploding heads with eyes gouged out.

About the developers

Agony is the first video game to be created by Madmind Studios. However, the team behind Madmind Studios are not exactly amateurs as most of them have been in the business for quite some time now. Some of the Madmind Studios team have helped create blockbuster video games in the past including The Division and the Witcher Hunt 3.


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