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The history of Bingo

Bingo is a gambling game where it’s not required to do much thinking. Unlike keno where you pick numbers you hope will be matched by the numbers that are selected in order to win, a bingo game provides pre-filled cards, no number choosing required.

In live bingo games, the most important thing is to pay attention. Some people enjoy monitoring multiple cards to keep their interest, but the ultimate goal is to win a little bit of cash.

There is a lot speculation about the origin of the game and also the word “bingo”. Bingo is closely related to other number games including lotto (or the lottery) and keno. It is played all over the world and is very popular for fund-raising at charitable organizations. The theories of the origin of the game mainly center around its similarity to lotto which has been a popular gambling activity for centuries. The popularization of bingo began in the United States when Edwin S. Lowe transformed the game of beano (where players covered number discs with beans) to bingo by hiring a math professor to increase the number of possible cards. After the deck was expanded, Lowe produced the game Bingo, along with Yahtzee, and the rest is history.

The origins of the word “bingo” are murky. Some believe Mr. Lowe overhead some winner yell bingo instead of beano and thought it had that certain something. Other word sleuths believe it is an extension of the word “bing” which connotes an explosion or impact. It is conjectured that bing became bingo because it was related to lotto. As with most word origins, we may never know the real story.

So you may ask, where can I play bingo? With the advent of online gambling, bingo is now one of the most popular online games. It can be played in sites devoted to bingo or sites which feature bingo. There are a lot of different offers, as well. Some sites offer bingo no deposit required. You just sign up and play. If you’re up for some mindless fun, with the added bonus of the possibility of winning a bit, bingo is your Bingo!


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