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Pokemon Sun and Moon Spring 2018 Tins

With the launch of the Forbidden Lights expansion for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, The Pokemon Company also launched their latest Spring 2018 Tins. As with all Pokemon tins, this set comes with 4 booster packs – one from the Crimson Invasion expansion, and three others form earlier expansions – and a special holograph card.

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The tins themselves are great for storing cards, and look really great when propped up on the shelf. The artwork on the outside of these tins, as always, is fantastic, taking the featured card from the front of the tin and splashing their artwork across the sides and top of the tin.

Depending on which tin you purchase, you will get 1 of 2 foil Pokemon-GX cards: Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX or Dusk Mane Necrozma-GX. Both cards are fantastic, and bring about their own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, which you choose – unless getting both – will be determined by personal preference or what your own personal deck requires.

The remainder of the packs mostly had cards that were already a part of my collection, and I wasn’t able to pull any other rare cards. It should be noted that although this is coming out after the Prism Star expansion, there are no Prism Star expansion packs or cards within these tins. This is important to note as many will be purchasing these tins hoping to snag a few more of those elusive Prism Star cards for their decks. They aren’t in these tins, but we expect them in the next tins Pokemon launches!

You can find more details about these tins and more by clicking over to the official Pokemon website! Will you be picking either of these tins up?



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