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Hot Wheels is the DLC all Racing Games Crave

Hot Wheels is the DLC all Racing Games Crave

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The Forza Horizon series has been incredibly popular, not only amongst fans and media outlets, but here on GamesReviews as well. We scored both Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Horizon 3 with 9+ scores, praising the games varied events, outstanding driving mechanics, authentic weather and day-night cycles, and more. I didn’t think my favorite racing franchise could get any better. Even the Blizzard Mountain DLC for Forza Horizon 3 wasn’t enough to make me go “wow.” Hot Wheels will do that though, and it did, thanks to the latest DLC release last week.

When you load up the Hot Wheels expansions you will be introduced to the new ‘world’ in a great tutorial like sequence where you will drive the Bone Crusher Hot Wheels car through miles and miles of orange tracks. From those first few minutes, I knew that the Hot Wheels expansion as going to be something special, and the development team did not disappoint.

This DLC for Forza Horizon 3 brings Hot Wheels to life in a way I wasn’t sure any game possibly could. Although the ability to create custom tracks is not present here – although you can swap out specific pieces of tracks when beginning events – there are hundreds of miles of track to explore, corkscrews to drive through, loops to conquer, and rings of fire to fly through. Couple all of this with the iconic Hot Wheels dinosaur, and you know you are in for a great experience.

Part of the enjoyment of this DLC is the nostalgia factor. Very few boys and girls are immune from the Hot Wheels crazy. Regardless of your income level, Hot Wheels use to be incredibly affordable, with cars retailing as low as .99 in Canada. Sure, the tracks and kits were a bit more, but you could always improvise and create cool tracks and jumps. To have this experience recreated in Forza has been nothing short of spectacular, and I cannot give the developers enough credit. Whether playing solo or with my family online, there is hours of content here for the low price of 19.99.

It’s not all perfect, however, with the biggest issue being when I fall off the track mid race and cannot find a quick way to renter the driving area. Far too often, I’m restarting events even though I was in first when I fell off, because I would be in 12th by the time I re-entered the racing area. The ability to rewind does help alleviate this problem, but when online with friends, the option (obviously) is not available.

Overall, for 19.99 you won’t find better DLC for any racing game currently on the market. If you have not played Forza Horizon 3 yet, I strongly suggest picking it up. You won’t be disappointed.


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