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Battleborn Review in Progress: Multiplayer Mayhem

We recently began working on our Battleborn review, and the prologue got us really intrigued for what more we could get out of this multiplayer focused game. Instead of plowing through more of the campaign, we jumped online to see what multiplayer offerings were to be had. While Battleborn lacks a variety of common online modes, the 3 available game types are varied enough to keep you playing for hours on end. Unfortunately, the game would probably perform better in a 3rd person view rather than a 1st person view, but its not an option given to you. This is insanely unfortunate, as all our issues with Battleborn online center around this common problem.


There are three main modes available to play online in Battleborn: Capture – domination mode, Incursion is essentially and online version of the campaign, although¬†levels are greatly streamlined, and Meltdown, which more resembles your typical MOBA style title. All three modes are fun, and despite having to play them all in first person, there is still lots to enjoy here. Don’t get us wrong, although I’m about to go into a big gripe I have with Battleborn, we did thoroughly enjoy what was offered.

With all the crazy action happening on the screen, it really is easy to get lost in the mayhem. Playing Capture or Incrusion in first person isn’t the worst since you are generally playing a smaller arena, or through a fairly linear path where you will almost always be looking at your enemies. In Meltdown, however, things are…hectic. There are players everywhere, loot everywhere, and important items, well, everywhere! However, when you are locked in a first person point of view, you miss out on what is going on around you. Yes, you will get sideswiped by a fairly powerful attack you never saw coming, and yes, you will miss out on some good loot. Some will argue this adds to the challenge of playing Battleborn online, but I think it just makes playing this mode more furstrating. It might reward the long range attacker who does the work to protect his or her back, but unfortunately, you cannot pick up ammo or loot from long range. If you had the option to quickly swap between first and third person views, I think this mode could be a lot more fun than it already is.

Battleborn also lacks online game modes, especially when you compare it to other online-centered titles. Sure, there are games that only have a few more options, both those games also have the staples of an online shooter, which for me includes some type of capture the flag mode and an all out Team Deathmatch. Hopefully, these might be welcomed additions some time in the near future!

Overall, playing Battleborn online is a really fun and chaotic experience. It really doesn’t matter if you are a MOBA or FPS expert, or an amatuer player looking to have a good time, if Battleborn does one thing right it is making everyone feel like they are making a contribution in some way. In other FPS titles – which I suck at! – I never feel like I’m making a contribution to my team, but rather, am being a hindrance. No matter how often I die in Battleborn, however, I always feel like my bullets, spells, and what ever else always has an impact on the outcome of the match. For that, I commend 2K for creating an experience that really reaches to all levels of gamers.

We give Battleborn’s online component a 7.5/10.



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