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PDP Pro Charging Grip for Nintendo Switch

We are huge fans of Performance Design Products and all the accessories they produce for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. We enjoy two things: first, they are made with high quality parts that can withstand a pretty good beating from my kids; and second, all of their products are officially licenced by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, which means their teams have tested and used the products, and have given them their seal of approval. PDP has been a step above most other third party Nintendo Switch manufacturers, and have a number of great products for the new Nintendo system, highlighted by the Elite Player Backpack. One of PDP’s newest products has caught our eye as well, the Pro Charging Grip! Check it out below!

The Pro Charging Grip sits nicely around your entertainment unit, and provides a nice dock and Joy-Con holder, similar to what you would have received in the box when you purchased your Nintendo Switch. The grip is slightly wider than the Official Nintendo grip, but this likely because of the internal wiring necessary to charge your Joy-Cons.

The dock itself looks really great, and doesn’t look out of place on my entertainment stand like other gaming accessories sometimes do. Two small LED lights on the front of the dock will indicate the charge status of your Joy-Cons. Although when attached to the grip, they could be considered 1 controller, PDP has decided to use two indicators and separate the Joy-Cons when docked.

The grip itself mimics the pro controller in ways the grips of other companies can never do. Instead of just sliding the Joy-Con on the left and right and calling it a ‘controller,’ PDP has engineered these so that a plastic cover can swing overtop the Joy-Cons when attached to the grip, giving you a better ‘pro controller feel’ with more accurate bumper placement. When in my hand, this grip is leaps and bounds better than anything I’ve used before.

This grip also helps ‘solve’ an issue I’ve noticed with Nintendo Joy-Con controllers. It doesn’t take much – a short drop in fact – to break the clips that secure the Joy-Con to your Nintendo Switch Unit, and without that connector, the Joy-Con can easily slide off the unit without much effort. I’ve since had  a pair of Joy-Con replaced, and those will now permanently live on my console. The other pair I have that still have broken hinges, however, will now be put into this unit. Because of the casing that slides overtop the Joy-Con to give you that authentic pro-controller feel, you also will have the security that your Joy-Con will not go anywhere, despite a broken clip. This may have been an unintended benefit of the Pro Charging Grip, but one that I’m really excited about.

The Pro Charging Grip is fantastic, and is definitely worth the $29.99 USD purchase price. You can find out more on the PDP website!



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