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Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Garage – Creating a Guitar

Nintendo Labo will soon be available for everyone – April 20th! – and Nintendo continues to release videos to their YouTube channel detailing some of the finer details of Labo. We all know what to expect from the Toy-Con kits, but the garage is where the most creative Nintendo users will spend most of their time. There seems to be a lot of options for the Toy-Con garage, and today, we are looking at how to build a guitar!

From everything we have seen, Nintendo Labo is shaping up to be a very interesting, and potentially polarizing, product for Nintendo. The Roffel household, I know, is incredibly excited about playing this game. My kids cannot wait to get their hands on the Toy-Con sets and start putting together these amazing inventions. I lack creativity and engineering whit, but I’m most excited for the Toy-Con Garage! That is looking to be one of the more interesting features of a game in a long time.

I love that Nintendo continues to innovate, and although I’m not a fan of everything – yes, I still hate motion control! – I love to see them trying new ideas. Kudos to you Nintendo!



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