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If You Collect Something, Collect Pixel Pals

8 Bit is back, and we all know it. Funko Pops are cool, but they are a thing of the past. With 1000’s to collect, no one has time for Funko anymore. There’s a new exclusive video game collectible on the marketplace, and it is Pixel Pals. Pixel Pals – designed and released by Performance Design Products – are the ultimate in video game collectibles, with an awesome 8 bit design that looks even better when lit up.

Nintendo, Bethesda, and Capcom are only a few of the companies already partnering with PDP on their initial releases of Pixel Pals. The current number of Pixel Pals sits at 12, but this number will climb quickly; not too quickly that collecting them all becomes a problem, but quick enough that consumers will be motivated and excited for future release. And many characters are already becoming hard to get (not impossible, mind you), which increases the value of these already cost friendly collectibles.

What I like about Pixel Pals is that they ALWAYS look great. Far too often, I’ve had friends over who look at my Funko collection and cannot figure out who half the figures are suppose to be modeled after. Whether because of poor construction and design, or the randomness of the characters they decide to recreate in plastic, these figures have never become a ‘must own’ for me. I know all the Pixel Pals, as would most nerdy, video game fans. People know what is up on my shelf now, and always have good things to say. In fact, I’m tempted to start buying wholesale from PDP so I can open a store in my home!

I’m only joking, but the high demand from my friends and family for these great figures only highlights the appealing and collectible nature of the product. PDP has released a ton of great products over the years, but outside of their incredible amiibo stands, their products align with what their competitors are releasing: headsets, controllers, and hardware/software accessories.

With the Pixel Pals – and by extension, the Gears of War 4 Lancer 1:1 Replica and the Andromea Nomad DC car – PDP is paving new ground in the accessories and toy marketplace, at least when it comes to video games. Of all the companies producing items for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, PDP is the one to watch.


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