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The Trial: Frontier Challenge Impressions

On the surface, The Trial: Frontier Challenge from 22cans doesn’t appear to be a very great title, and if you were to watch a few YouTube videos to see if you’d like it or not, you likely won’t pick it up. There isn’t anything really sexy about this title that will draw you in, but somehow, despite all those preconceived notions, I found myself dumping hours upon hours in game. And for the record, I haven’t even finished it yet. I’ve been having so much fun treading through new areas, and revisiting past areas, that I’ve almost sidetracked myself from the main game. I’m back on track now, but it’s only a matter of time. If you own a Nintendo Switch, The Trial: Frontier Challenge is NOT a title you want to pass on.

The concept itself is pretty straight forward. You begin a journey in the new world, and at the displeasure of your mother – who will often send you nasty letters which you can partially respond to in hilarious ways – you begin on a trek using your uncles almanac as your guide. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be able to find your long lost uncle in the process. The game moves you along the trail automatically, as there is no opportunity to veer to the left or right. You can slow down or speed up your characters walking, but you are left taking in the environment around you, and pulling the right trigger to pick up crafting items as you walk. Some are close to the path and visible, while others are tucked behind rocks. What you’ll need to know: just push the stick forward to begin your walking pace, and continuously click that trigger.

Along the path you will find a number of camps to stop at, where you can accept new challenges which will award you coins to spend on character upgrades, as well as trade with other travlers, rest your weary bones, and sometimes even purchase items from shops. You can also use these opportunities to pull up your menu and craft items with the resources you have gathered. In trading, crafted resources are much more valuable than raw resources, so putting everything together before you begin to trade is always ideal.

These items are also useful on your trip. Whether you are crafting clothes, tools, or weapons, they all serve a purpose. Even a bigger backpack can be purchased which will hold more items.

The game is fairly linear, but certain areas of the map yield specific resources, so you’ll constantly be fast traveling back to previous encampments to run a certain leg of the journey in hopes of getting the resources you need. Watch out though! Should you wander to long in the cold mountains, you’ll become susceptible to the cold, which will ultimately drain your health and stamina. Stocking up on edibles is incredibly important, and making sure you have the appropriate clothing is also a must.

The concept of The Trial: Frontier Challenge is very simple, yet once you get going, it is often hard to put down the controller and shut down the system. I’ve spent hours upon hours exploring the world that 22cans has created, and every moment of that journey has been enjoyable. We will have more on this title as we progress through the many missions, but until then, do yourself a favour and get your own copy, and begin your own journey!


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