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The Most Popular Casino Games with a Live Dealer in 2018

In the past years, casino games were taking over the market trying to fight their way in the online gaming world giving a good feeling of glamour and excitement of Vegas from your home. Online gambling has its downsides, and the biggest of them is that it lacks human interaction, bluffing, cheering on, chatting with other players and the dealer… And this is where the live casino providers jump in with the marvelous idea of the live stream gambling, with the real blood and flesh dealer and the rest of the players from all around the world.

There are 3 types of live dealers casinos:

  1. Dealer studio – where the environment, the setup, the lightning, the tables, everything is adapted to the online streaming, it is the most often type of live gambling;
  2. Real casino – the stream is from an actual casino, where you are playing a real game, while a player sitting next to you could also be an actual guest of the land-based casino;
  3. Broadcast -the games are cast over the web and TV network.

Let the Games Begin

In the live stream casinos, gamblers won’t find many free games, for the simple reason that it costs more than to set a simple online slot machine, for example. They have to rent an accommodation, hire some people to manage, deal, supervise the live games… But there are some casinos where one will get as much fun for the stakes low enough, as in the ones for the high rollers. Since the live casino games are still new there are quite a few, the common selection usually includes:


Baccarat is an old card game, believed to be coming from France. It is based on 3 different outcomes and betting over them. The principle is similar to roulette, where you choose between red, black, and green. Here you choose whether to bet on the banker, the player, or the tie result. The online dealers follow the same rules as in the real casinos. Depending on the software provider your casino is using, there can be different variants of the game, as well as limits for the stakes, so every time you log in to the different site, although you are playing the same game, you’ll get a completely new experience.


Roulette is a game popular in the gambling world for a long time. It consists of a wooden wheel divided into 37 (European) or 38 (US) sections. The Sections are painted red, black or green and numbered from 0 to 36. There are over dozen kinds of bets that can be placed in the game, and it can be done the latest when the wheel is still spinning. The dealer spins the wheel and the ball contrariwise to the wheel spinning and when it lands the certain section the round is over.


Blackjack or so-called 21 is the most famous casino game ever. In this game, every player bets against the dealer. There are three possible scenarios for the gambler:

  • he scores 21 and beats the dealer;
  • goes over 21 and busts out of the game;
  • stands on the cards value bellow 21 (at this point the player can both win or lose, depending on the dealer’s cards).

The cards are being dealt a pair to each bettor, after what one can decide whether he wants to be hit with another card or to stand with the cards that he got. The dealer can not stop pulling cards until he reaches 17, 21 or busts out of the game. There can also be a tie when a player and the dealer get the same score, this situation is known as a push, and it is simply sorted out with player recouping his bet.


Poker is much appreciated in online casinos, and many of them offer multiple variations of this game. The most favourite is probably the Texas Hold’em, and it can also be seen in the live dealing version. When playing Hold’em in the online live dealer casino, the rules are just the same as in the land-based ones. The only drawback of live dealing Hold’em is slightly higher minimum limits than usual which are caused by the cost of streaming media, etc.

Choose Your Poison Wisely

No matter which of these games you choose as your favourites, it is important to pick the casino that is the best in every possible way. This means it has a great variation of live dealer games, the best software, apps for all kinds of devices to play on, maybe, an option to choose the kind of the dealer you would like (women, men, somebody speaking a certain language…)… All you have to do afterwards is log in and enjoy.


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