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PDP Elite Accessories are a Must Own

Bright and flashy bags and cases are great for some fans, but other want a more subdued look when carrying around their video game systems. PDP recognizes the market existed for both, and launched the Elite line of Nintendo Switch Accessories; thanks to Performance Design Products, we had an opportunity to take all those products for a spin! Let’s dive in!

Nintendo Switch System Backpack – Elite Edition

Here is what PDP says about the product on their blog:

This backpack is the ultimate way to carry your Switch, accessories and other personal gear. This fashionable bag holds and protects the Switch console and has additional spacious pockets for the Pro Controller, AC adapter, Switch game cards, a 15” laptop and additional personal items for the gamer on-the-go.


This backpack is perfect for taking on short business trips – of which I took recently to Ottawa for work – as it can not only hold your Nintendo Switch, but a few other personal items as well. Although the blurb from the blog mentions a laptop, I was able to bring my Switch and a few accessories, along with a change of casual clothes, my person toiletries for getting ready in the morning, as well as a few snacks for down time at the hotel. It was hte perfect bag to get me from A to B, allowing me to pack all my essentials in one place. Seeing other struggle with multiple bags made me so much more appreciative of the Nintendo Switch Systems Backpack, a great lineup to PDP already impressive array of storage solutions.

Play and Charge Case – Elite Edition

Not only does this fantastic carrying case have the ability to hold a lot of your essential Nintendo Switch gear (charging cable, screen, and Joy-Con controllers), but it also makes a perfect stand-while-you-charge accessories for while your switch is running low on juice! Again, having this along during business trips allowed me to quickly pop this up while waiting for my flight, all the while charging my device and having a fantastic viewing angle for some Stardew Valley gaming sessions!

So often the accessorises that we are given by companies serve one purpose, but like the backpack that gives you room for personal items alongside your switch, the Play and Charge Case offers more than just a storage solution, which should be a huge selling factor for those who take their Switches on the go!

Starter Kit – Elite Edition

Every new Nintendo Switch owner should purchase a starter kit at some point in the first few weeks of owning the device. Most starter kits, regardless of the manufacturer, will include a case, cloth to wipe down the screen, and perhaps a few little extras. PDP goes above and beyond by including rubber Joy-Con grips and an extra USB to USB-C cable for when you device is running low, but don’t want to carry around the bulky AC adpater sold with the system.

If you are looking for useful, yet stylish, the Starter Kit from PDP is the right product for you; the case itself can be purchased separately!


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