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Loot Gaming – March 2017

Loot Gaming – March 2017

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Loot Gaming has been the perfect loot subscription box for video game fans, and I’m really glad we get the chance to look at it each and every month. Once again, I feel like Loot Crate is doing an excellent job with their video game lineup of items. Lets get into this months box and see what’s inside! Click on the banner below this article to head to the Loot Crate website and get your own box today! Use coupon code GAMESREVIEWS to save!

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World of Warcraft Reversible Hat

We recently just got hit by a semi blizzard here in Southwestern Ontario, and I had already put away most of my winter gear. Thankfully, the day the kids wanted to head out to going sledding was the day this box arrived. The hat inside was perfect because 1) it once again announces to the world in a very subtle way that I’m a huge gaming fan – which generates a lot more conversations than you would think – and 2) I didn’t have to dig through my basement trying to find my old winter hat back.

With a whole afternoon of wear, I can say this hat is really great. It’s not the warmest winter hat you can get, but it does the job of keeping the cold wind and air away from your head. After all, that is the purpose of a hat, right?

I have a slightly larger head, so the hat did fit a bit tight, and it was slightly uncomfortable when paired with my glasses. However, once my pants were soaked because of the snow, and the hat became the least of my worries. I had forgotten about it half way through the afternoon, which really is the greatest compliment I could give a hat!

Pitfall Canteen

There are a number of items you will get in a Loot Crate box that nobody needs ever. The Pitfall Canteen is an excellent example of this, but yet I still love it. While I’ll never use it for the intended purpose – of storing liquids inside – I do have a shortage of Pitfall merchandise in my home, so this makes an excellent addition to my collection. The art on both sides of the canteen is top notch and it looks incredible in my display case. It always pays to have a diverse interest in games when it comes to Loot Gaming, and this is an excellent example of this. If you are not a Pitfall fan, I could see why this item might greatly disappoint you.

Metal Gear Solid Dog

If you haven’t been playing The Phantom Pain on your Xbox or PS4, you probably should. We reviewed it a while back and loved it! I’ve never actually received Metal Gear Solid merchandise before, so this WOULD have been a nice addition to my collection.

Sadly, my son sniped this dog bag key chain before I had even a chance to look at it in detail. It took a whole 30 seconds for that item to leave the box and come attached to his school bag. While no one there will recognize that the item is from Metal Gear Solid – they are in 2nd grade after all – my son loves it, and that is what is important to me.

Again, these types of items have a somewhat universal appeal. Even if I wasn’t a fan of Metal Gear Solid, someone in my house still would have loved this item. It is an other reason why I like Loot Gaming so much.

Breath of the Wild Sucks, but this tShirt Doesn’t!

Who am I kidding. We gave The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a perfect 10/10, and now thanks to Loot Gaming, I have the tShirt that I will be wearing when I visit Nintendo later this month. I think it was a give in that the box for March would include a Legend of Zelda tShirt since Breath of the Wild just launched alongside the Nintendo Switch (also available on Wii U). Still, I’m glad it’s a tShirt over any other merchandise they could have included. And since Breath of the Wild has been such a huge commercial hit, the shirt will be instantly recognizable by most people.

March Round-Up

This was a great box, and easily worth a solid 9/10 for me. The Pitfall Canteen, while unnecessary, is still necessary, as it fills that Pitfall merchandise void in my life. Does anyone NEED Pitfall merchandise? Probably not, but we want it, and now we have it. Out of everything in this box, however, I think the tShirt is the big win for me. As an exclusive to this box, it will be a great item to wear to my various gaming events and conferences. Thanks Loot Crate! I love this months Loot Gaming!


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