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How to Use Data Visualization to Enhance Your Game Performance

Game producers are now releasing video games on digital distribution platforms. The use of the platforms enables gamers to have an experience outside the gameplay environment. They are integrated with features like gameplay statistics and reward systems. With these platforms, a player is in a position to analyze and to have discussions on their game performance with fellow gamers. These platforms also contain additional features, like achievements and leaderboards, which are crucial components when it comes to game performance.

Visualizing game data in these platforms allows gamers to gain more insight towards improving their game performance. Visualized game data acts as an online hub where players meet. For instance, if the visualization is for leaderboards, this can allow the players to constantly monitor their scores and even discuss the results with friends.

How games use data visualization

Every game genre has different objectives to be achieved. These objectives play a big part in deciding the kind of data visualizations to be used. Although the games have different objectives, the overall aim is to improve game performance.

Training visualizations

Training visualizations are aimed at improving the overall performance of the player. Although every other player can see them, they are often tailored to the individual game player. Examples of training visualizations are charts that indicate the status after the game has ended. For instance, if you are playing FIFA, at the end of the match there are the overall stats of the whole game. With these, you can identify the areas of the game in which you need to improve. In businesses, visualizing data makes it possible for every stakeholder to understand the information being communicated, but in games, it improves game performance. You can hire data visualization experts from sites like Active Wizards to help you with enhancing the visualization of your game data.

Status information visualizations

These kinds of visualizations will give you information on the current status of players, like their experience, health, or even score. This means gamers can make better gameplay decisions on the kinds of players they should choose. For instance, you cannot leave out an experienced player in favor of one who is inexperienced. These visualizations also allow gamers to know the characteristics of the players that need to be improved through upgrades. Examples of status visualizations include money count, current weapons, health status, position on a map, and even the enemy health bar. Status visualizations can sometimes only be visible to the person currently playing the game in a single player game, or it may be visible to other players if it is in multi-player mode.

Decision-making improved

Data visualization in games can be crucial when making gameplay decisions. These visualizations will also prevent either you or your enemy from seeing each other’s information, a vital component in the game design. You can even make decisions on the kind of enemies you can attack and ones you cannot. Usually, every level in the game has a different color code for difficulty, and thus you can know the areas you can attack and the areas you cannot.


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