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Abdallah Details 10 Beginner Tips for Nintendo Labo

Recently, our good friend Abdallah was flown out to San Francisco and put up in accommodations by Nintendo of America and given the opportunity to play around with Nintendo Labo in a closed environment. Abdallah had the opportunity to film some great video to use in a video – see below – and also pointed out his top 10 tips for those just starting out with Nintendo Labo. What kind of tips is Abdallah providing? We will point a few of the obvious ones below, but for tips on creating new cardboard pieces and learning how your creations work, you’ll need to watch the video!

Keep That Workspace Clean

Whenever my kids get a new toy – LEGO being the prime example – if I’m not hovering over them, every single bag and box will be opened, and all the pieces dumped out. LEGO is always nice enough to label bags with numbers, and corospond those numbers to specific pages in the manual. When my kids open all the bags at once, the process of putting the set together becomes fairly tedious. According to Abdallah, the same can be said for Nintendo Labo. While you might be tempted to instantly punch out all the pieces for the project you are hoping to build, make use of the manual on your Nintendo Switch screen and only punch out what you need. It will make the building phase much more enjoyable and manageable.

Explore Those Games

Don’t just take the Nintendo Labo games as what they appear on the surface. In fishing, you can almost always go deeper, and when playing with the Toy-Con House, you can always try different combinations of blocks to see what affect it will have on the house. This extends to the piano as well; using the various blocks and buttons on the piano can change the pitch, change the notes into other sounds, and much more! Explore those games. Labo is much deeper than you probably can imagine!


Abdallah has way more tips, so make sure to check out his channel, share it on your social media channels, and prep for more great coverage from him and GamesReviews when Nintendo Labo launches on April 20!


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