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Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader LEGO Review

Have you had the chance to check out the LEGO Movie 2? If so, you might be familiar with the new character Rex, and all his fun gadgets and vehicles. It was a pleasure to receive Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader, and after putting it together, my kids had an excellent time playing with the set, and recreating their favourite moments from the film! Let’s dive in!

The Build

Putting together Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader was a bit difficult for my 4 year old, but was a cinch for my almost nine year old to complete. With three different options – like with many of the LEGO Creator sets – there is no shortage of ways to build this set up.

The first and most prominent build is Rex’s offroader, a typical 4 wheeled vehicle that goes together like most other LEGO vehicles. This is the most traditional build of all the builds included in this box, and the easiest for my son to visualize in his mind while putting each block together. When complete, the build is incredibly sturdy, and when supplemented with the dinosaur figure, makes a fantastic play set.

The second build is a bit less traditional, still built on four wheels but with the head and tail of a dinosaur. I’d liken it to a dino-car in ways that would only make sense in the LEGO Movie 2, and that’s perfectly fine with us. It wasn’t the favourite build of my kids, and it was quickly dismantled and rebuilt into something else shortly after completion.

The least impressive, yet the most fun build for my kids was the creation of a ride-able dinosaur. When complete, Rex can sit atop the dinosaur and a fire weapons at incoming foes. It’s a very simple build, one that my four year old actually had no problems putting together. It uses the least number of pieces included in the set, but was easily the favourite build for my kids.

Ultimately, my kids had a blast playing with this set, and the other LEGO Movie 2 sets that we own, recreating their favourite scenes and creating new ones as well. What LEGO has managed to do over the years, inspiring the minds of young kids around the world, is phenomenal. Even without the backing of the LEGO Movie 2, these sets would still stand on their own, which is the testament to a good set.

While there aren’t a ton of rare pieces to be had in this set, anytime you get the opportunity to snag a dinosaur figure, or a somewhat rare minifigure like Rex, fans of LEGO and collectors of the sets will be overjoyed to add him to their collection.

If you are looking to expand your LEGO collection, you cannot go too wrong here!




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