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Max Polyakov Shows How To Raise Environmental Awareness By Playing Games

Nat Geo WILD Slots™ is now available worldwide. The Murka Company, co-founded by Max Polyakov, developed this app in cooperation with National Geographic Wild. The legendary game is now free for everyone on App Store and Google Play.

Image credit: Murka via Facebook

Nat Geo WILD Slots™ is the perfect place to learn more about our planet and discover wildlife as well as have a good time enjoying slot machines, according to Max Polyakov. The game was published in June 2017, but the distribution was limited. Despite these limits, the game became so popular that in December 2017 Max Polyakov announced its worldwide availability. Nat Geo WILD Slots™ is an online tour around the Earth. During this voyage, the player will be able to discover a lot about history, nature, and architecture.

The partnership between a game company and a scientific TV channel is not the first in the industry. But it is the first time that Nat Geo WILD gave a license to use their content in a game. Nat Geo WILD Slots™ uses picturesque nature cards in a slot machine game. The aim of Nat Geo WILD Slots™ is to show wild nature to people who are not aware of environmental risks.

Nat Geo WILD Slots™ is a part of the National Geographic Wild storytelling initiative. The partnership with Murka and Max Polyakov is a chance for the channel to reach a new audience. Two big audiences will unite: slot and nature lovers. Max Polyakov mentioned that this cooperation will benefit society. It is exclusive to social casino games because it is not only fun but also a good reason for players to discover new information about wildlife and environment.

Image credit: Murka via Facebook

As a matter of fact, Max Polyakov is well known for his social initiatives. Nat Geo WILD Slots™ is not the exception. The game was developed to bring attention to global climate changes and the consequences it brings to wildlife. Players are able not only to learn something new, but also donate to protect nature.

Nat Geo WILD Slots™ uses the freemium model. This means that the game is free to play, but users can buy extra purchases to boost their experience and support wildlife. Max Polyakov confirmed that the part of income will be used to help nature. This includes animal rescue and environment supporting initiatives. The next version of the game will include the ability to donate to protect at-risk species in the app.Previously, Murka designed Las Vegas style slots. And now the company made the decision to raise its business to a new level of social responsibility. Slot games are very popular among different groups of people. That’s why this type of game was chosen to highlight environment problems. Max Polyakov hopes that new forms of collaboration with Nat Geo WILD will appear and help improve the environment we live in.


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