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Express your Creativity in Toy-Con Garage only with Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is launching this April, and Nintendo has release more information today via a series of videos. One of the newly announced and detailed features is the Toy-Con garage, a area of the Toy-Con game that allows you to use your knowledge of how the pre-designed Toy-Cons work, and to create something entirely your own.

While putting together the Toy-Con devices that Nintendo includes in the box, gamers young and old alike can use the Nintendo Switch system to see how these Toy-Cons function. How does the piano play if there’s nothing inside the cardboard? Well, step-by-step explanatory videos are included with your product to show you exactly how the magic happens. Nintendo Labo is now no longer just a toy, but an educational experience as well.

In the overview video posted below, Nitnendo shows off a number of custom Toy-Con creations using some of the tech Nintendo has already show us – utilizing the remote control robot to shoot the Toy-Con person and make him fall down – and all new creations, such as creating a guitar out of an old broom. Because of this creative feature, YouTube is going to be a much better place when Nintendo Labo launches on April 20th!

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