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Dood! NIS America Announces New Games Tomorrow

Hey dood! Some exciting news is coming our way tomorrow from NIS America. Who is NIS America?! What!? You don’t know. Well, they are the people that bring us the  Disgaea games & other awesomely cool games. Tomorrow they will be holding a press event. We have details, including where you can watch the event!

NIS America will have a press event tomorrow, February 17, 2017. They will be announcing new games during the press event. I hear a game for the 3DS is among them. Dood! I am so excited.

And you may say, dood, this is just a press event. I’ll have to wait till later to see whats announced. Actually, no, you won’t. NIS America will be live streaming the press event!

Here’s the link for the stream:

What do you want to see NIS announce? What system do you want them to announce a game for?! Share your thoughts about NIS America’s press event in the comments below!


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