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Computer versus Mobile Device: Which is Better for Gaming?

With all the technological advancements present today, there is a question that concerns the use of computers and mobile devices; which between the two has a greater advantage in the field of gaming. If there is one common characteristic to computer gaming and mobile gaming, both promotes a degree of fun and excitement. There are actually more factors to consider when comparing one from the other. In order to understand fully the difference between computers and mobile devices, here are the variables for comparison:


Processors present in a computer and mobile device require a great amount of power in order to function efficiently and longer. A personal computer is equipped with a huge amount of power and cooling system. Thus, allowing its computing processor to operate powerfully. When it comes to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the amount of power and cooling is less and the level of voltage is lower than a PC. At any rate, advancements are still being studied by gadget creators on how to improve power of mobile gadgets so that they can function excellently as that of PC. If this feature can match ability of what computers can do, then games such as mobile casino can be more motivating.



Computer prices, whether laptop or desktop, range from $400 to $2000 depending on its features, storage and capabilities. When it comes to smartphones and mobile devices, prices are from $150 to $500. As you can see, there is a big difference on the price range making computers more expensive than mobile devices. In some cases, smartphones can be acquired for free through carrier services.

Screen Size

Computers and laptops are equipped with a large screen where size ranges from 14’’ to 17”. Desktop computers can even connect to a larger monitor that can be sized at 19” to 27” depending on its usage. For smartphones and tablets, screen is dramatically smaller in size and this range from 4” to 7”. Obviously, gaming can be more satisfying on a larger screen because of the smallest details can be accurately seen.


Portability is considered the pitfall to desktop computers as these cannot be moved around easily. Laptop computers can somehow be more portable because of its weight and size. However, laptops with a large screen can be quite bulky when carried around. Portability is probably the best feature for smartphones and other mobile gadgets. These are lightweight and can be easily contained in the pocket or bag. They can just be brought anywhere without any difficulty. Gamers can enjoy continuous gaming because of this aspect especially for mobile casino and other online games.


Computers and laptops are equipped with a hard drives with a huge storage capacity. Some computers have storage of more than one terabyte (TB) and advancements in technology continue to increase on this factor. The basic type of computer, laptop or desktop has hard drive storage of 250 gigabyte (GB), which is already huge for the user. Smartphones and mobile devices have a generally smaller storage capacity. This ranges from 8 GB to 64 GB. Enhancements on this factor can be applied by adding more memory chips.


Connectivity is not of an issue for both computer and mobile gadgets. For as long as internet connection is fast and reliable, any device can work speedily. The only aspect that allows internet connectivity to function more efficiently is its processor. Connectivity is an essential feature when playing online games because there is a need to enter gaming sites. More importantly, speed has to be high so that smooth undisturbed gaming can be achieved.

Generally, both computer and smartphones can be used in gaming. While the above-mentioned criteria shows that gaming is better experienced in computer, still the convenience is dependent on the gamer.




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