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Tiny Metal preview

A very fresh turn-based strategy game by Area 35 is hooking players for the action-packed feel which gives the goosebumps on cold Christmas days. It is a Japanese Arcade war game that requires the players to make use of their manoeuvres and skills, just in the similar fashion as the Advance War Series. The storyline is very detailed, very rightly thought. As players proceed along it, the story unfolds steadily.

There are plenty of mobile casino games for online gaming lovers that keep them engaged with their amazing gameplay. Tiny Metal is sure turning out to be a hit with players who love action packed games. The game sets you on a mission, with the various steps detailed out thrillingly. The game starts off with the assassination of the king. And whoops! The tanks, troops, artillery, get it all to win this war. Graphics, characters, and storyline are excellent, but some features like the Mobile Missile Launcher are little less in appeal.

As Addictive as Mobile Casino Games Can Get

Starting off with a modest point, Tiny Metal keeps it predictable as far as the characters are concerned. Designed in a regular animated fashion, right to the detail. As the game proceeds, the challenges become tougher, requiring more and more thinking. Beyond one point, players must think as well as act fast enough, a feature common to mobile casino games.

The visuals of the game are superb, entertaining and players can bank on the perfect colour themes used throughout. The Original Sound Track has been composed by the well-known Japanese composer Tomoki Miyoshi. No doubt he has been able to pack the action punch rightly. The music is perfect for an action-packed game. Not annoying loud, but thrilling loud, creating suspense.

Some Cons

There is a huge possibility that even when players are nearing the end of the game, Strykers might not be sufficient to win. One also wonders what is the potential use of the fortress. Players cannot refuel or re-stock the ammunition at all. A major disappointment is the total absence of naval units. Players end up walking a lot of distance, implying a huge risk of being hunted down. All this because there is no infantry conveyance. Some pro players label the game as more of ‘cute’ rather than truly action orientated. Also, the injured units cannot be combined for restoration.

A Quick Closure

If you are looking for an Advance War substitute, Tiny Metal is not quite there yet. But, Tiny Metal sure is one of the best action games to be played. It is best played on a laptop or a tablet. Be it the Japanese gaming strategy or the warfare, every detail has been taken to the next level with Tiny Metal. Kudos Area 35! Mobile casino games cannot be a disappointment. Log on to Jackpot Mobile Casino and get started now.


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