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Strategies for Online Slots

When it comes to playing games of chance online, the internet can be a confusing place for a novice. There are a variety of slot machines, many of which we would fail to describe properly. However, this doesn’t mean that there we can’t provide some general ideas and tips for maximizing your chances of winning on an online slot game. Below are a few nuggets of advice that will help you win at slot games

  • Properly Manage Your Bankroll

This is perhaps the most important tip for those who’re just getting started with online slots. Professional gamblers recommend beginners to know the exact amount of cash they plan to spend and can afford. However, setting a certain payroll and knowing the amount you’re willing to spend is only half of a good online slots strategy. You should check the betting range of slot games you’ll be playing as this will affect your bankroll.

If you don’t have a large bankroll, it wouldn’t make sense to play expensive bets in every spin. So, find slot games that fit your budget.

  • Understand the Probability Plays in Online Slots

Every time that spin button is clicked, slot machines select a combination of symbols randomly. This random selection means that each spin of the machine is independent and doesn’t have anything to do with previous spins. This means the probability of payout always remains the same.

A number of different factors determine this probability. These include, but are not limited to, number of symbols and number of total reels.

  • Costs and Paylines

Paylines are a boring subject, but if you plan to play slots online, you cannot ignore it. Whether you’re playing at a brick-and-mortar casino or online, paylines matter a lot in slot games.

Many newbies make mistakes with paylines when they’re starting out. One of the most common mistakes is that they consider paylines only when it comes to calculating the number of coins won or to build a winning spin. When, in fact, paylines affect calculation of the actual cost of a slot game.

If you’re playing a slot game with 25 paylines and are only betting on 5 paylines, your odds and chances are significantly decreased. So, you cannot snap up a jackpot or hit a huge payout.

It’s important to note that although maximum betting increases your chances of hitting large payouts, it is also going to be more costly for you. So, choose higher bets only if they suit your budget.

  • No Cheats

There’s no easy way to win at online slots. If you think you can cheat your way to a jackpot, you’re mistaken. Online slot games are evaluated by auditors and they analyze these games. This prevents the games being manipulated or rigged by players.

  • Gameplay Is More Important than Aesthetics

Some online slots games come with catchy and awesome titles. The trick is to make the game look lucrative and appealing. We won’t name any guilty parties, but we will say that you shouldn’t judge a slot game by its cover. Check out the bets and see if it fits your budget. Don’t get deceived by the cool name and in-game visuals of the slot machine.

  • Cold and Hot Slots Are Nothing More than a Myth

You may have seen people in land-based casinos attempting to figure out if a certain slot machine has paid out in a while. Some gamblers think that if a machine has not paid out for long, then it’s likely to give out a huge win. This is nothing more than a myth.

Jackpots in slot machines are triggered randomly whether it’s a land-based machine or an online slot game. Don’t think that a jackpot isn’t possible with a slot that recently paid out big. As discussed in point #2, the probability of you winning big isn’t dependant on past slot machine payouts. So don’t move to another machine after you win a jackpot. Keep playing on the same machine and you might hit a huge payout again.

Now that you know the important strategies for online slots, choose a free slot machine to get started.


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