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Having an Online Presence Important for Any Gaming Company

When developing and pushing a game out to the market – whether a AAA experience, and indie title, or a web based application – it’s important to have a helpful web page that is enticing to view, and helpful for viewers, in order to push more units our the door, or to create more clicks of the mouse. A solid website filled with information – displayed in a proper and engaging way – is the key to working your message and developing a following.

Nintendo has been one of the best companies when it comes to creating engaging web pages for their fans to visit, especially leading up to launch. Although they don’t create them for every title, when they do, they are some of the most interesting websites on the web. Other companies will often use their company pages with sub-pages for their titles, and while this is still helpful, it doesn’t engage the audiences like you might hope.

Between offering preorder bonuses to offering extra funds for an online site, an example of which you can find if you click here via a Pennsylvania online Casino, enticing fans to engage with your game pre-launch will only help build a profile for yourself online. Create blog posts or developer diaries, and keep your fans engaged in the development process. Tease features that you will be implementing into your experience so fans have things to talk about or things to look forward too.

Ultimately, engage with those who will be looking to buy your title. Look for their feedback, as you might find some of your greatest features in the minds of those looking at your site, discussing in your forums, and more. Further to that, keep tabs on whats going on around the internet. See what people are saying about you on IGN and Gamespot. There can be, and will be, a ton of turds online who will bash your company and product no matter what you do. But there will be diamonds amongst the rough – as the saying goes – which will prove invaluable to your development process.

It’s all about engagement. Companies like Image and Form have done this perfectly, engaging with fans through their website, development diaries – both written and video – and through social media. And while it’s important to create a good game, it’s equally as important to have a fan base that cannot wait to play what your hard work created. And who better to sell your game than those who have engaged with you day after day, month after month, and year after year. These are the people who really care about what you are doing, and if they are passionate enough to engage with you online, they are passionate enough to tell everyone they know how excited they are to play your product.

Engagement, engagement, engagement. That is the name of the game in 2019. Some games have their own built in hype. Who isn’t looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3?? But with smaller titles, you need to build that excitement, or you will release into an endless black void. If people can see who you are, know your names, and understand what goes into building the games they play, they might be more likely to play what you are releasing.


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