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First Run Movies on Disney Cruise Line

If you’ve ever been able to watch a movie onboard a cruise ship, there is a really good chance you’ve sailed on Disney Cruise Line before. While some other cruise ships do have theatres on board that can accommodate movie showings, no other company provides the quantity and quality of movies on board, than Disney Cruise Line. Want to watch the latest Disney release in an actual movie theatre, complete with concessions? Disney has you covered, and it is one of the extra perks for booking with this cruise company.

At the 399-seat Buena Vista Theatre aboard the Disney Dream, guests can see a movie any time of day – morning, afternoon or evening! With comfortable, posh, Art Deco surroundings, families can sit back and enjoy first-run motion pictures, including films in Disney Digital 3-D. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Disney might be most famous for their movies, as they are present in every aspect of the company. Food items are themed after movies, parks are themed after movies, and of course, Disney Cruise Line is themed after movies. Disney is movies, first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do other things very well. Even with all the great entertainment options onboard Disney Cruise Line, the companies executives wanted to keep the roots of Disney alive on the sea, and built the Buena Vista Theatre onboard each ship.

While not all the Buena Vista Theatres are created equal – we prefer the theatre onboard the Disney Dream over others, for example – having it as an option is phenomenal, and the movie selections are always great. Disney releases movies on an almost monthly basis, with some months getting multiple releases. But even if the on-land release schedule is light, the ships are packed with the most popular movies. When we traveled in October, we were able to catch some of Disney’s latest and greatest movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. As finding babysitters when home is often difficult for parents, having the ability to see your favorite movies while your kids enjoy the kids clubs on Disney Cruise Line is something you almost cannot put a price tag on. Although we sailed alone on our last adventure, we often have dropped our kids off at the clubs on route to watching a movie not subtle for them. They have great fun with outstanding onboard staff, while we enjoy a few hours away watching something we might not otherwise get to see.

Each theatre is also accompanied by a concessions stand as well, so if you want that sweet movie theatre popcorn and a cold drink, you definitely can. You can even order an alcoholic beverage to bring into the theatre, if you so desire. The cost of Disney Cruise Line vacations is often what deters parents, but it is small touches like this that make the investment so worth it. When you board the ship on your next vacation, be sure to catch a movie or two! The experience is one you won’t soon forget!


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