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Has Fable Lost its “Must Buy” Reputation: Legends is Free-to-Play

fable1_690x319 If you've been anticipating the latest Fable release and have been saving your pennies, you can now stop. Microsoft and Lion Head Studios announced late last week that Fable Legends will now be free-to-play. While there is no real reason given for this change in philosophy, one can only suspect that perhaps, the Fable franchise has lost it's 'must buy' reputation.


Nintendo and amiibo: Smart or Stupid?

amiiboo_large_518x388 Unless you have been living under a rock, it's fairly obvious that amiibos appear to be the must have 'toy' since late November. Within my Nintendo circle of gamers, I've heard far less about Skylanders and Disney Infinity and more about amiibos. So, has Nintendo done well with amiibo by making them collectible, or are they losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because of supply issues?


Family and Gaming: Interview with 1UP’s John Davison

1854f803cf2d21aad19b0b9358998ee7_400x400 While the site was fairly popular, it inevitably was sold to IGN and subsequently ended. However, the opinions of John Davison - during his time on the 1Up Podcasts and with his work on What They Play - stuck with me for years, and ultimately lead me to have a desire to write about video games, and educate those who needed it. Without further to do, this weeks Family and Gaming article features an interview I did with John. It was a highlight personally for me to do this interview, and he ...


A Definitive Guide of Different Android Games for Hardcore Gaming Freaks

art1_690x388 In today’s fast moving technological world, majority of people are having Android Smartphone and all of them prefer playing games on those android units. Looking at the craziness of the people different mobile gaming companies started designing different types of games that are supported on Android platforms. As a result, there has been reported massive increase in the development of different type of games based on different themes.


Afterglow Nur Headset Review

Afterglow Nur - on Stand Front on White If you are interested in picking up a headset and are looking for something that isn't considered a 'budget' set, the Nur's are a great choice. However, gamers should consider what they want most in a headset - chat versus game audio - to make a decision wisely. Either way, snagging any Afterglow product is a no brainer.


Opinion: Is PlayStation 4′s Success Hurting Long-time Fans?

the order 3 Unlike with the PlayStation 3, Sony have nothing to prove with their latest console, and the possibility of them slipping back into complacency could hurt the fans who were there at the very beginning.


Opinion: The Last Guardian risks All-Round Disappointment

the-last-guardian_690x388 With investment from Sony and emotional investment from fans, it's possible The Last Guardian could be a disappointment if it ever actually releases.


Doom: The Next Chapter

Doom_cover_art_87x129 Sometimes it seems hard to believe that the original Doom game was published by id Software over two decades ago. Yes, it's been that long


Microsoft going all out on Ultimate Sales

xboxone_690x364 If you've just purchased an Xbox One, or if you've been cash strapped and missed out on some of the best Xbox One games available, Microsoft is about to make your day...for a small fee. All this week, Microsoft has discounted many Xbox One titles ranging from the overpriced Angry Birds Star Wars to the the always magnificent Halo series.


Marvel Finally Picks Up Spider-Man Rights, but Can it Save the Franchise?

spider-man-masks-pack-of-8 So it would seem that Marvel and Sony have finally realized that the divide separating Spider-Man and the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe is unnecessary. It was announced that Sony had finally agreed to share rights and profits with Marvel in a way that allows Marvel Studios to have more control over the franchise. The possibility of Spider-Man joining the Marvel movies franchise leaves me with mixed emotions. One the one hand, this could be really successful. Marvel has had much more ...