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Will Activision Cancel Shipments of Skylanders Trap Team for Wii U?

Skylanders-Trap-Team The Wii U is struggling sales wise, and despite a resurgence with the latest Mario Kart release and the upcoming Super Smash Bros U release, the reality is still the same: the Wii U console sales have been slow, and at times, stagnant. Third party developers are shying away from making games for the Wii U because the cost of development and packaging will net them little-to-no return, and even the potential of a loss. Activision, the company behind the incredibly popular Skylanders series, ...


How to Read a Game Review

grand-theft-auto-v-playstation-3-ps3-1357326682-076_690x431 There's always a lot of discussion when a review doesn't fit the chosen narrative of a game's hype. Even when it's pretty much spot on, fans of a given franchise will question why it didn't score higher when it's their very favourite new game, better than Grand Theft Auto V by miles "and look at what you gave that!" There's no talking to people who've decided their very own score based on a twenty second teaser trailer, but a worse kind of reader has appeared - the sort that don't know what ...


The Issue with Being an Internet Tough Guy

internet-tough-guy The Internet has spawned a generation of human beings who feel that since they sit behind a monitor and use usernames that are almost impossible to pronounce, that they have the right to berate the opinions of professional journalists. The issue is not that these individuals disagree with the author, but it is how they choose to voice their disagreement. Disagreeing with an argument in a civil way promotes constructive discussion, a much better option then name calling.


Don’t Own a Wii U? It’s No Longer Nintendo’s Fault

starfox wiiU The excuses for why people don't already own a Wii U are become outdated, and frankly, untrue. Everything from "there aren't enough quality games" to "it is too expensive" are two of the most oft used excuses. It's time to realize that the time to buy a Wii U might finally be here.


Could Super Smash Bros U Be Better than Melee?

Pac-Smash Brothers Everybody's excited for the next entry in the Super Smash Bros franchise, and that's in a huge part thanks to the character and location reveals so far. But there's one question that's yet to be answered: could it be even better that Melee? And while we're trying to answer that, we'll also take a look at a few more characters that might well appear in the roster.


Smash Brothers Recap – All the Announcements from the last few Weeks

newcomers-SuperSmash Super Smash Bros. news seems to be pouring in from everywhere lately. From EVO 2014 to the Nintendo Digital events, we just can’t get enough of Super Smash. Let’s recap some of the biggest news to happen recently in the Smash Brothers universe.


Club Nintendo Has Dropped the Ball in North America

Club-Nintendo Club Nintendo is an excellent way for Nintendo to keep track of what people think about their games. If you are unfamiliar, Club Nintendo awards gamers points (in North America, they are called coins and in Europe, stars) for purchasing games. In North America, most Wii U games are worth 50-60 coins each with an extra 10 coins awarded when doing a post-play survery - while 3DS games are worth 30-40, with an extra 5 coins for doing the post-play survey. The system is actually great, ...


Is Diddy Kong Racing 2 a Good Idea?

Diddy-kong-racing Last week, rumors surfaced on the Internet from industry insider Kevin Callahan that Diddy Kong Racing 2 was a real thing, and that it was currently in development for the Nintendo Wii U. Initially, I was skeptical, but after reading Callahan's lengthy blog post, even I have been convinced. Reiterating the details here would just be copying and pasting Callahan's own post, so be sure to head over to his blog to read all the details.


Nintendo HD Part 2 – Every Mario Please?!

smrpg Nintendo is synonymous with Mario, and Mario synonymous with Nintendo. When one thinks of Nintendo they probably don't think about the logo. Instead, they think about a plumber in a red outfit. In Part 2 of this series of articles I will examine which Mario titles I believe should get an HD treatment and why.


Rockstar have been too Tight-lipped on GTA V Remaster

GTA-V-11 It wasn't that long ago that Grand Theft Auto V was a mystery. We didn't know that there were going to be three protagonists or that a huge chunk of the game would basically be an MMO-lite, we'd never have dreamt that the game might feature the kind of soul-destroying violence against teddy bears that it eventually displayed... That was then, and since GTA V was released is has garnered dozens of perfect scores, awards and millions of sales. Everybody who wanted to, almost without exception ...