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PlayStation Beats Xbox on Quantity AND Quality, Although it’s Gamers That Win

ps4-hrdware-large19_900x470 When Neogaf user DeadPixel made a list of all the games released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since release, there was a lot of discussion about quality vs quantity. Is it better to have a lot of smaller releases, including re-releases of indie games from the previous generation, or bigger AAA titles like Titanfall? Your answer probably aligns somewhat with your console of choice. GamesReview's very own Steven Van Eekeran wasn't convinced that it was an issue of quality against quantity ...


Google Revealed Cross-Platform Game Support for Android and iOS – Could It Be the Next Big Thing?

google-play-store_129x129 If you’re a hardcore mobile phone gamer chances are you already know how frustrating it is to not be able to compete against of your friends just because they own an iPhone. While universal coding that will work on multiple platforms is still far from being a real thing, Google has made some serious efforts into trying to close the gap between platforms, their latest step in this matter being the release of a cross-platform game support between Android and iOS.


Super Smash Brothers 2014 – Preview

Super_smash_bros_01 Yesterday was the official Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct. The goal was to lay the final foundations for both the 3DS and Wii U games before their launches in Summer 2014 and Winter 2014 respectively. Below is the full Nintendo Direct. Today we're going to look at what was announced.


Feeling Angry? You Might be Bad at Games

caution_angry_129x129 It's an opinion long held by soccer moms and people that refuse to learn that video games are the source of all evil in the world. Specifically violent videos games, in which, they believe, young children are taught that shooting someone in the face has no consequences. They watch as Little Jimmy becomes indifferent, angry and aggressive, and then ask themselves why the government allows them to keep buying this stuff for their kids.


Frankie Dettori’s Online Slots Game

frankie's-magicseven1 Frankie Dettori is a champion horse racing jockey and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant known by some, as Lester Piggott put it, as the "best jockey currently riding." He's best known for riding all the winners at British Champions' Day in 1996, and now he's got his name on an online slots title. Can you be a big winner in Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven, just like the man himself?


Pokemon: Where Does it Go from Here?

pokemon_cover_129x129 April Fools Day always provides a number of fun Internet gags. One of the most high profile jokes this year was from Google, and it involved Pokemon. Using Google Maps, players could search for all original 150 Pokemon and become a Pokemon Master. They even went as far as to 'promise' a position in the company for anybody that could Catch 'em all. Although the job was a farce, the game was real and playable. This prank from Google made me think about where Pokemon is at and where it is ...


Sonic Boom Speculation In which direction is the blue blur headed?

sonicmore2_120x129 With 2014 came the announcement of SEGAs' newest installment into the Sonic franchise: Sonic Boom. Whether you think it looks like a good idea or another terrible move, one thing can be said for sure: Sonic Boom has caught our attention.


Good Game Movie Review

EG2_129x129 The elusive career path of “Playing video games for a living” has tantalized an entire generation of gamers. The obvious route of beta testing is a grueling chore that pits players against buggy code for endless hours each week, and the path of a game journalist is only for those whose love of games is surpassed by their love of freeze-dried noodles. Yet there is a handful of exceptional players who gain wealth, fame and glory from their gaming skills alone.


The Last of Us Film Just Won’t Work

The-Last-of-Us-thumb The story in The Last of Us wasn't great. Before you jump to the comment section, hungry to avenge your favourite title for that huge slight, let me clarify. The characters and their interactions were unparalleled, the world and its history certainly capable of being built into something that spans prequels, sequels and spin-offs.


Nintendo Hitting Hard in 2014

Nintendo-Logo-2-512_129x129 The Wii U has not been the success that Nintendo hoped it would be. The reasons for this have been debated, ranging from consumers getting tired with older Nintendo franchises to people wondering if the product was branded poorly. My personal response to these two claims: no, people are not tired of old Nintendo franchises; and yes, the Wii U has suffered from poor branding. However, I would argue that Nintendo does deserve your hard earned dollars in 2014.