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Batman Arkham Knight Early Impressions

batman arkham knight cover art_120x129 The Batman games have evolved over time, and each has built on the last. In the final installment, Batman Arkham Knight, the developers over at Rocksteady Studios really brought their A game to this final installment, and it clicks on all levels.


New PDP Products coming to Retail

72ch7GQHJML_690x361 If you haven't checked out our previous coverage of PDP Video Game accessories, I suggest you do it. We have looked a multiple headsets (Afterglow Universal Headset, Xbox One Afterglow Karga Headset, PS4 Afterglow Fener Headset, and the PS4 Blue Tooth Headset) as well as the Wii U Fight Pads which originally launched alongside Super Smash Bros.


LEGO Jurassic World Early Impressions

Lego-jurassic-world-video-game-cover_120x129 LEGO games are generally always good, but unfortunetly, very few have been great. Jurassic World is good, but noticeably different from other LEGO titles. This is actually a really good thing, especially for people with limited time or parents with younger children.


Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One Early Impressions

elder scrolls 1 I generally hate MMO's. Let me rephrase that: I loathe MMO's. I just never saw the fun in typing to chat, spending half my game play time swapping weapons and potions, or having to find a guild to truly enjoy the game. I want to play an MMO on my own time, which sometimes is only a few hours a week. Most MMO's don't give that kind of freedom. ESO definitely does.


We need to talk about Final Fantasy VII

gaming-final-fantasy-vii_200x200 So there it is. The news that many of us have been waiting for since 1997. 18 long years. Square Enix announced at E3 2015 that we are finally getting a Final Fantasy VII remake. A proper one. Not just updated graphics or shiny new cutscenes, but a full remake with new gameplay and, so we are told, new story elements to boot.


Ubisoft Comes out Swinging with Big Titles, Big DLC

ubi-1_690x349 Ubisoft's press conference lacked any real surprises until near the end, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately for them, they had a tough Microsoft press conference to live up to. I think they did fairly well, despite the lack of 'exciting' announcements.


Holiday 2016 a long time to wait for a new Mass Effect

ea-e3-conference-wide-live-1021x555 Mass Effect 4 was inevitable, but today Electronic Arts announced further details about the latest game in the franchise. The most unfortunate detail? The game isn't coming until Holiday 2016. Not 2015, 2016. That is nearly 18 months away.


Oculus and Microsoft Teaming up for Virtual Reality Gaming

e3 Before today, I had no desire to get into virtual reality gaming, or to ever buy anyone's VR peripheral. That has all changed today. At their E3 press conference, Microsoft announced a partnership with Oculus. Each and every Oculus Rift VR headsets sold will come with an Xbox One controller. Why would we need an Xbox One controller?


Early Access available on Xbox One this year

Microsoft-Corporation_690x380 At Microsoft's E3 press conference, the company announced a new Early Access program for Xbox One games in development. Coverage from various websites on this program don't appear to be in line with each other. It appears as if some are saything that this program will only apply to games developed via the ID @ Xbox program. Time will tell and hopefully we will see some clarification soon.


Xbox Canada and EA Team up to Sell Xbox One

xboxone_2013advert I received an interesting email from Microsoft Canada, and it came right out of left field. The gist of the email: EA and Microsoft are teaming up to sell Xbox One consoles. You refer a friend who buys an Xbox One, you both receive a one year subscription to EA Access. Yup, you heard correct. So, what catches are there?