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New Wii U Zelda Title Delayed

LegendofZelda During a video posted on Facebook, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma announced that the newest Legend of Zelda game would be delayed. Although no release date was initially given when first announced, it was hoped that the game would get released during holiday 2015.


Captain Toad update uses Toad amiibo

wiiucaptaintoadpkgrpjpg-6e4713_160w Nintendo has update their wildly popular puzzle title, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker game to work with the new, and hard to find, Toad amiibo. Scanning Toad into the game will offer an extra challenge on each level throughout the game. A pixel Toad will appear on a wall somewhere in the level, and players are challenged with rotating the level, finding the Toad, and tapping on him using the stylus to complete the challenge.


Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3DS Leak? (Rumor)

g688ooE Rumors have surface about a Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door remake for 3DS. A 4Chan user posted both a video and screenshot of the game being played on the New 3DS XL. The screenshot clearly shows the game being played across both screens: action on the top, important menu stuff on the bottom.


Flower Story: Fairy Quest

flower_story_129x124 It is a colourful, bright and peaceful game about a fantasy world with flowers in which enchanting pixies live in peace. Flowers Story: Fairy Quest will give you a marvellous opportunity to become a pixie yourself so as to make the world a better place. There are 90 different levels filled with various puzzles and mini-games of different genres. You can gather flowers in a special way so that they do not fade away and then you can make bouquets on order. You will discover how to catch the ...


Nintendo can’t Release a Dedicated amiibo Game

amiiboo_large_518x388 Before you jump all over me for this opinion, hear me out. Nintendo cannot release a dedicated amiibo title without replenishing stock on almost all of their amiibo line up. No one will buy a game - or, they will and inevitably will be disappointed in their experience - if they cannot be guaranteed that content won't be locked behind impossible to find amiibos.


Can Devs Remaster Wrong?

Batman-Arkham-City-Armored-Edition-4_900x479 Accessing awesome games on new hardware will never be a problem, not until you take into account utter redundancy and incredible cost anyway.


Mario Party 10 Event

20150123125028!Mario_Party_10_Small_Official_Boxart_120x129 I got some hands on time with Mario Party 10 at a Nintendo of Canada hosted event in Toronto, Canada. Although I've played the game before, a lot more was open to me within the game and I had more time to enjoy it.


Opinion: Gamers Want more “Ori”

ori1 A new wave of developers is taking over the consoles and they are releasing polished and interesting games. Some companies do it from a central office - Image and Form Games is based in Sweden, and are best known for SteamWorld Dig and the upcoming SteamWorld Heist - while others are pulling from the best talent around the planets, such as Moon Studios, the company behind Ori and the Blind Forest.


Nintendo Helping make Mobile Apps; Announce New Console

nintendo-logo1_690x386 Nintendo was busy today with two big announcements at a press conference. First, Nintendo is partnering with Japanese mobile developer DeNa to release games and apps that feature Nintendo IP. Nintendo's CEO was quick to explain that this would not simply be ports of games already available on other Nintendo platforms, but new and original games and apps.


Family and Gaming: Can my kids play M rated games?

halo All kids are different, and all parents are different. The most important thing is for everyone to understand each other and communicate about the subject. If parents have hard rules about content that they want to impose, they have to be able to explain the reasoning behind them so the kids understand the rules and internalize the logic being used. Particularly as kids get to be 9 or 10, they’ll have friends that are “allowed” to play contentious stuff, like Grand Theft Auto (sometimes ...