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Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island DLC Releases Today

ForzaHorizon2 Count me in the group of people who had no idea this was coming. Back when Forza released, I chose the regular edition over the other editions based on value-for-dollar-spent. Personally, I didn't see the value in shelling out 99.99 for the best edition. Regardless, what I saw in that edition was a pack of DLC that I wasn't interested in. Something wasn't included, and it was released today.


Nintendo speaks on amiibo Availability

Nintendo-Header_690x259 People are beginning to realize that certain amiibo figures are harder to find than others, most notably Marth, Animal Crossing Villager, and the Wii Fit Trainer. No one really know whether or not these are limited run figures or not, but Nintendo finally spoke on the issue. From Nintendo of Canada PR.


I Will Buy Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 – So Should You

final-fantasy-vii-hd_690x518 Final Fantasy VII is coming to PS4, and although it isn't the shiny remake many of us would have wanted, it's still an incredibly tempting offer.


PDP Afterglow Karga Xbox One Headset Review

Afterglow Karga - Side on Black We've been reviewing a fair bit of PDP products lately and for good reason. Some we have received free for review, others we have purchased. At the end of the day, PDP is making high quality products at bargain prices, making them one of the best third party accessory producers in the last few years. We have had the privilege or reviewing the Fight Pads for Wii U and Super Smash Bros, the Afterglow Universal Wireless headset, this review for the Karga Xbox One headset and in the new year, ...


Bet365 Casino App Review

bet365_cover_129x129 Founded in the year 2000 and now one of Europe's largest virtual betting platforms, bet365 has invested heavily in its software over the last few years. In fact, thanks to annual profits topping £600, the development team at bet365 HQ have managed to squeeze casino games, poker and sports betting into a single online platform. Not only that, but over the last few years these games have been optimized for us on a range of mobile devices.


The New Era of Online Casino Games

vegas_cover Betting habits have changed for players since a few years with the introduction of online casinos such as Mr Green Casino, Gala Casino, Betfair Casino, 888 Casino, Magical Vegas, Betway Casino, etc. The internet has made way to new type of games that can be played from nearly everywhere over the world thanks to the internet.


Year End Review: Nintendo Continues to Climb

nintendo-logo1_690x386 We all now about Nintendo's struggles in 2013. At least, that's what too many people seem to want to focus on. However, if you look at what Nintendo put out on their systems this year, you realize that of the big three, they hands down had the best, most consistent line up of quality, problem free, AAA titles. When you examine November releases, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One titles were plagued with problems not present in Nintendo offerings this year.


Xbox Live Down Periodically Last Night thanks to Hackers

xbox one pic Last night, Xbox Live users were having a hard time attempting to connect online. Xbox Support was not claiming to be down, but many users were having a hard time getting things connected. Apparently, a big hacking group was behind the whole situation, and have also been behind the issues that PSN and Destiny faced earlier. The group goes by the Twitter handle of Lizard Squad, and their number one goal is to take down the online features of some of the biggest video game companies.


PDP Afterglow Universal Wireless Headset Review

white headset When we were reviewing Super Smash Bros for Wii U, PDP Gaming sent us two of their Fight Pads to use while we reviewed the game. In the Fight Pad review, I stated how much I hated third party accessories; those Fight Pads - while they had their few minor issues - were outstanding to use. I recieved an email from Groupon letting me know that PDP's Afterglow Universal Wireless Headsets were on sale for 39.99, and I bit. Not only did I want a new gaming headset, but I also liked what I had ...


Listing Top 7 Hardcore Android Games for Serious Gamers

android-decal_129x129 It is one of the most obvious facts that with every latest release of Android games, most of the people get attracted towards it and play it to the level madness. This craziness has been seen in the youngsters almost for each and every game. Also, there is no shortage of different type of strategy games on the Android platform that develops curiosity among players of all levels.