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A Look at Pirates: Tides of Fortune

plarium-logo-390x248 If you are new to the Pirates: Tides of Fortune game, you may well be wondering what you have let yourself in for. If you are yet to decide whether or not this MMO game is suitable for you, you may also find it difficult get the beyond the noticeably dark and violent narrative. Rest assured, there is considerable substance behind the themes that underpin this MMO game, which embodies the very best of traditional strategy gaming.


Sub-5.0 Scores for Mario Tennis Unwarranted

WiiU_MarioTennisUltraSmash_scrn04_616x346 I've been playing Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for a good while now, and frankly, it is not the greatest game. However, I have been reading reviews of others, and while I agree with almost 100% of what they are saying, I'm shocked by the scores I've been seeing. Most notably for me was the 3.5 the game scored from Nintendo World Report. Now, to be fair, I agree with everything the author said in his article, and in fact, have a lot of respect for the author himself. In my own experiences with ...


Big Releases Incoming from Nintendo

mario_tennis_ultra_smash_logo_560x346 Some of Nintendo's biggest biggest franchises are landing on the Wii U within the next couple weeks, and we have been playing them all. While reviews will go live prior to the launch of each title, we have broken them down for you below so you can make an informed buying decision.


Fallout 4 Review in Progress: Building a Base

Fallout-newvegas We are playing our way through Fallout 4 currently, and have already complete part 1 of our review in progress, which you can read here. In this next edition of our Fallout 4 review, we are looking at character customization and base building, two areas of the game that will have you spending many hours!


Nintendo Direct November 2015

nintendo_direct_logo_129x129 It has been a long while since we got a Nintendo Direct, and the roughly 45 minute presentation did not disappoint. The games I am most excited for where given even more details, and the game my son is excited for - Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival - was actually looked at in more depth. Why that was done the day before release is beyond me, but it happened.


Fallout 4 Review in Progres: My First Few Hours

fallout_fall_690x368 The first few hours of Fallout 4 have exhilarated me, frustrated me, and made me go, "What?" That is what you are in for if you decide you want to play Fallout 4. Although our review isn't live yet - and won't be for a while! - I can safely say that if open world RPG's are your thing, you probably don't want to pass up on this, even if you've never played a Fallout game in the past. Consider this the beginning of our Review-in-Progress.


New Xbox Experience Launches Today

Self-publishing on Xbox One The New Xbox Experience (NXE) launched today for all regions, and it is very good looking. At 3:01 AM Eastern, those who have automatic updates enabled began downloading the NXE. When I perused the new dashboard around 7 AM, I was incredibly impressed. While it will take a bit of time getting use to the changes, it appears as if everything has been streamlined.


Rise of the Tomb Raider Twitch Interactions

rise-of-the-tomb-raider_120x129 Major Nelson released information from Crystal Dynamic today on his blog regarding how viewers can interact with the person playing when on Twitch. What is currently available is pretty simplistic - mostly recieving credits for watching someone complete something major - but there is also a variation that allows you to change up how the person playing will experience the game - using cards. Will you try these cool Twitch things out?


PDP Products You Don’t Want to Miss

download (1) Performance Design Products is not just about the Afterglow brand. Although they have many different headsets and controllers to choose from across past generation and current generation consoles, the company also has some other great licences. In this short article, we will be looking at some of the best PDP products I've purchased over the past few years.


Free Gaming: A New Wave of Fun

1466273-1437492215771-freeplay_1400x1400_350x350 Gone are the days when gamers were expected to spend thousands of pounds each year to fund their hobby. These days, players can get hundreds of hours of entertainment without spending a single penny, and while they couldn't expect something like The Last of Us at that sweetest of price points, what is lost in quality is more than made up in value.