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The Witcher 3 Preview

The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-Cover-Universelle_129x129 While it's still a few months until The Witcher 3 reviews release and we're able to see whether it can live up to the hype, so far it seems it more than deserves it. The things CD Projekt are trying out will bring in a whole new wave of excitement among fans of the RPG genre, especially on consoles, where fantasy settings have been a bit few and far between. The only question is whether or not they'll be able to actually pull it off.


New Nintendo 3DS Coming to Japan October 11

new3dsxl Nintendo never ceases to amaze me. After huge DLC new for Mario Kart earlier this week, Nintendo continued their strong end to August with a Japanese Nintendo direct where they announced a new 3DS with a ton of new features.


To Buy or Not To Buy: The Rest of the Nintendo’s 2014 Releases

Hyrule-Warriors Nintendo has huge plans for the next four months, both on 3DS and Wii U. Some big games are coming to both systems, so I figured I would let you in on what is coming, what you should pre-order, and perhaps what you might want to hold off buying.


Nintendo Announces lots of Mario Kart 8 DLC

080RedShell It's finally coming, and I can guarantee you already that it will be awesome and definitely worth the purchase. IGN has reported that Nintendo is releasing two separate DLC packages for November 2014 and May 2015. Both packs will have new characters, karts, and tracks. And, as an added bonus, the characters won't all be from the Mushroom Kingdom.


Will Video Game Stories ever Get Better?

the-last-of-us-remastered-release-date_899x506 One of the biggest topics in gaming over the past few years is the evolution of how video games are becoming more like movies. Some see this as a positive because it shows the evolution and progression of gaming, while others see it as a negative, saying that it represents a culture that is trying to change itself into something it isn't. I think this is wrong. Games aren't becoming more like movies, they're just adapting elements from a successful medium to improve themselves, and there's ...


Top 10 Tear Jerkers

Metal_Gear_Solid_4_Art_01_690x388 This article focuses on the slightly rarer realm of game related emotional responses - the tear jerker. The games that make us weep with sadness over a lost character, and the games that put a lump in our throats when the story’s grand conclusion unfolds. But before we get into the list itself, it must be said that from here on in there will be spoilers. You have been warned! So here it is, the Top 10 Tear Jerkers.


A Rite from the Stars Preview

a-rite-from-the-stars_cover_129x129 A hopeful young boy of the Makoa Tribe must travel down and successfully navigate three personal paths to become a man among his peers. These respective paths are Spirit (being in tune with ones soul in order to communicate with the spirit world), Wisdom (using logic and puzzle solving skills), and Courage (using bravery and teamwork to overcome speed challenges).


The Good, the Bad, and the Future of Battlefield

battlefield-6_690x345 Battlefield 4 has taken a lot of flak since its release almost a year ago. Although most of it has been justified, I can't help but get frustrated when people say the game is still plagued with the same problems it had at release, when that's simply not true. Now don't misunderstand me, I'll be the first to admit that DICE shouldn't have shipped in the condition that their first new generation outing was in, and that the ensuing support, or rather, the lack of support was inexcusable. ...


Pokemon Trading Card Game Online coming to iPad in 2014

pokemon-trading-card-game It has been suggested by fans and shareholders for years. It has been rumored from many major media outlets. It has been teased by Nintendo brass themselves in January. And now it is official. It's not Mario, but Nintendo is bringing arguably their second largest franchise to iPad in 2014, and I for one could not be more excited.


Why You’ll Definitely return to the World of WarCraft This November

warlords-of-draenor It’s no secret that WoW’s age old formula is beginning to feel outdated by this point, but it looks as if the Warlords of Draenor could be the shot in the arm the classic MMO needs.