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5 Reasons to Buy Majora’s Mask 3DS in February

39909-Legend_of_Zelda,_The_-_Majora's_Mask_(USA)-5 I've been playing Majora's Mask on my 3DS for almost two weeks now. Thr preview embargo was Monday, but instead of writing a preview - which, based on the criteria of what I could talk about, would essentially be a review - I decided to post a few reasons why youll want to pick this game up on February 13th.


Witcher 3 Delay Is A Good Thing

The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-Cover-Universelle_129x129 Many media outlets were given 3 hours of access to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Almost all of them are saying that delaying the game till May is probably in the best interest for the title. The game is outstanding, and I have yet to see any outlet say anything bad about it. But the developers want to make sure it's perfect, without bugs. And good on them. Although no one has yet mentioned any problems, I assume there are still a few kinks to work out.


Still no GameCube VC: Nintendo Saves the best for Remastered Editions

nintendo-logo1_690x386 Nintendo is the worst. They are the best, obviously, but they are the worst. During the last Nintendo Direct, we were promised a new service coming to the Wii U: Digital Wii Games. That's amazing right? While I would argue that it is, I cannot say it's what I really wanted. However, Nintendo is - and should be since they are a company - looking out for themselves and their bottom dollar, so while digital Wii games makes financial sense, having digital GameCube games makes more sense, for ...


Wave 4 amiibo announced

super-smash-bros-wii-u-650x370_682x388 Nintendo announced the 4th wave of the toy-to-life franchise amiibo during their first Nintendo Direct of 2015. The next wave of the Smash Bros. amiibo packs some heavy hitters from the world of Nintendo as Robin and Lucina from Fire Emblem, Ness from Earthbound, Wario, Charizard and even Pac-Man will be releasing on April 24th. It’s safe to bet that these all will sell out well before they are actually launched so if you want one you better be ready to click that pre-order button whenever ...


Sunset Overdrive: The Mystery of Mooil Rig DLC Impressions

2526066-sunset-overdrive-boxart_129x129 If you remember our Sunset Overdrive review from later in December, you know that we felt this was one of the most interesting games to be released in the last little while. It's completely wacky and almost nothing makes logical sense. But that is what makes the game so damn good. Insomniac Games added to the fun with their latest DLC which came out in late December: Mystery of the Mooil Rig.


Will Microsoft Really stick to Regular Priced Xbox Ones?

xboxone-brushedaluminium With the turning of the calendar also came the end of Microsoft's 50.00 discount on Xbox One consoles. Since beginning the initiative in November, Microsoft has sold very well, often outselling the competition. So with the increase back to regular price, will Xbox be limiting their sales potential for 2015?


Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island – A Perfect 10/10 Expansion

forza51_690x341 Last week, Microsoft and Turn 10 (surprisingly) released a big expansion for Forza Horizon. This isn’t just a car pack or a collection of new racing events and bucket list challenges. Well, actually it is, but it’s a lot more than that too. Storm Island will get Forza fans playing the game again over the holiday season, and it’s definitely worth every penny and all your time. For $20.00 – or $10.00 if you have the VIP package – players…


Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island DLC Releases Today

ForzaHorizon2 Count me in the group of people who had no idea this was coming. Back when Forza released, I chose the regular edition over the other editions based on value-for-dollar-spent. Personally, I didn't see the value in shelling out 99.99 for the best edition. Regardless, what I saw in that edition was a pack of DLC that I wasn't interested in. Something wasn't included, and it was released today.


Nintendo speaks on amiibo Availability

Nintendo-Header_690x259 People are beginning to realize that certain amiibo figures are harder to find than others, most notably Marth, Animal Crossing Villager, and the Wii Fit Trainer. No one really know whether or not these are limited run figures or not, but Nintendo finally spoke on the issue. From Nintendo of Canada PR.


I Will Buy Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 – So Should You

final-fantasy-vii-hd_690x518 Final Fantasy VII is coming to PS4, and although it isn't the shiny remake many of us would have wanted, it's still an incredibly tempting offer.