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More Thoughts From Me #17: Nintendo Shouldn’t be in the Cellphone Gaming Market

Nintendomobile I usually like to write positive things about Nintendo. I love the company and a lot of the games that they create. But there has been one thing really bugging me lately. I extremely dislike “mobile gaming” aka cellphone games. I’m not a cellphone person at all and I find most of the games for them are cheap and a waste of time. And now Nintendo is starting to make them. This is a huge mistake for the company. Let…


Details Emerge on Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

CallofDuty-Advanced Warfare For those who were waiting for the official announcement that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered was actually going to be a thing, wait no more. It was announced today that a remastered edition of the original Modern Warfare title would be coming to consoles alongside the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, access to this will be limited.


Uncharted Multiplayer DLC Will be Free says Naughty Dog

Uncharted4_A_Thiefs_End_PS Thank God for companies like Naughty Dog and CD Projekt Red. Without their dedication to the actual consumer, we may have never seen free DLC during this current generation. Uncharted 4 developer Naughty Dog announced recently that all multiplayer DLC maps and add-ons will be free, forever.


King’s Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb Review

King's Quest_20160426182300 A return of King's Quest on modern consoles had me giddy since day one, and Chapter 1 of this series really got things started off on the right foot. While I enjoyed Chapter 2, the constant crisscrossing of the dungeon, coupled with the lack of direction and the trail-and-error approach to puzzles put a bit of a damper on my experience. Was Chapter 3: Once Upon A Climb going to mirror the great, nostalgic tone that made Chapter 1 so great, or was it going to continue the slog that was ...


Pokemon Rumble World Is Now Available Via Retail

PokemonRumbleWorld Do you like Pokemon? Then, you may like the newest game, Pokemon Rumble World, for 3DS. It just came out for retail; it was previously digital-only! Pokemon Rumble World came out in stores today. The game was previously only available on the 3DS eshop as a free-to-play game. Rumble World isn’t your average Pokemon game. In this one, you control Toy Pokemon and take them into dungeons. You’ll find even more toy pokemon along the way and recruit them to…


PDP Configuration App Coming to Xbox One

afterglow_prismatic_wired_controller_xbox_one_120x129 Performance Design Products makes a lot of great hardware for consoles and PC, and there really isn't any beating around the bush with them: we love there stuff. Sure, we haven't praised some items as much as others, but overall, they make an excellent product. One product that I use consistently with my Xbox One is my Prismatic Afterglow Wired Xbox One Controller. With the ability to map buttons the way you want, it's the perfect alternative to the very expensive Xbox One Elite controller ...


Pokemon Remakes A Huge Success

PokemonYellow When Nintendo announced 3DS re-releases of the original three Pokemon titles, I was fairly skeptical. After all, how desperately did Nintendo fans want to play a slightly improved – although very true to the original – Pokemon game from the early Gameboy days? Frankly, I was not sure how well these titles would catch on. A complete remake of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow in the style of the new titles? That would have taken off like gangbusters, in my…


The best games for solo players

single-game1_690x388 Despite the impressive developments in battle arena games offering amazing multiplayer options, there are still many gamers who prefer to keep things a little more solitary.


DLC coming to SteamWorld Heist April 28

steamworldheist_690x388 SteamWorld Heist developers Image & Form announced today that new content will be coming to their smash hit on the 3DS tomorrow, April 28th. The Outsider will feature a new character, new bosses, environments, hats, weapons, and...well just more of basically everything. If you have played SteamWorld Heist, you will realize that this is a VERY good thing!


More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: This Isn’t The End of Nintendo

Nintendo   Today, Nintendo announced some news about the next Nintendo system (codenamed the NX), news about the upcoming the Legend of Zelda game, E3, mobile, and earnings news too. And of course Nintendo fans are panicking and trying to tell you that this is the end of Nintendo. Here are my thoughts in today’s first More Thoughts From Me Special Edition. Hey you, the one about to write a tweet about how Nintendo is doomed because they are not showing…