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How to Win at Slots

whynot_129x129 Knowing what you're getting into is very important. Slots might seem simple - and in many ways they are - but part of their success is that everybody thinks they have chance. If you're a beginner, learn a little about how slot machines work before diving in, and if you're a returning veteran take it easy until you get a feel for a winner.


This Year Could Kill Call of Duty

call-of-duty-ghosts-thumb Dwindling sales and negative reaction for Ghosts meant that Black Ops 3 had to really impress to win back an audience quickly become disinterested. Sales are still high - and rightfully so, it's unlike anything else on the market - but when faced with a choice between Call of Duty and Star Wars Battlefront, who is going to win?


Apps: A few of the best gaming apps around

Mobile-Apps_200x200 As technology has advanced throughout the past decade, the use of applications on mobile phones has also increased. Most phones are now smartphones and already come with standard apps such as Facebook and Twitter. But more and more people are now downloading games on their mobiles and table devices. In fact, it is estimated that mobile game revenue will surpass that of consoles by 2018.


Splatoon Nintendo Direct – Watch it here!

nintendo_direct_logo_129x129 I'm not going to spoil what was in the Nintendo Direct today. Basically, it was awesome. I originally had no desire to play this game, but the more I've seen of it, the more I want to play it. The addition of those fantastic amiibo helps as well.


GameVillage bingo site

gamevilage_cover_129x129 The game initially started in Italy and went on to gain popularity. With today’s advancement of technology you will find this game online. Today you will find hundreds of bingo sites, but one of the most unique bingo sites around is GameVillage Bingo. It is the perfect destination to play bingo games. In here, we will provide you with a brief overview of what the site has in store for you.


Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition Annonced

Shadow_of_Mordor_cover_art_120x129 In a press release from Warner Brothers Interactive, we have learned that the inevitable Game of the Year Edition for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be heading to shelves soon for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you haven't play Shadow of Mordor before, now would be an excellent time to jump in and give it a try!


When a decent game gets a bad grade: RBI Baseball 15

2802715-rbi151 I just recently received a code for R.B.I. Baseball 15 on Xbox One. The game is not great, but it definetly deserves better than the current mid 50s score it has on Metacritic. Big sites like IGN and Gamespot have given R.B.I. Baseball 15 a near failing grade, citing that MLB The Show is a much better baseball experience.


You Don’t Play As Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V

2560157_120x129 The entire marketing campaign for Metal Gear Solid V has been about changing or hiding an identity, and so its clear - you don't play as Big Boss in The Phantom Pain.


Happy Wars is Now Available for XBOX One

Happy-Wars-Logo On Friday April 24, Toylogic released the free to play online mutliplayer game, Happy Wars for XBOX One. The large scale cartoon game has been known for the crazy havoc on the XBOX 360 with having up to 20 players per match taking it out on the battlefield.


Story of Seasons Diary 3.1: Autumn

Story-of-Seasons My farm in Story of Seasons continues to be prosperous, and I figured I would post a short update on what has been going on in Autumn Year 1. I've planted new crops, grown my flock of chickens, and invested in fish hacheries. So far, it has been a great season.