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Positive Early Impressions of Disney Infinity 3.0

photo Disney Infinity 3.0 launch this weekend in North America, and if my local Best Buy was an indication, the positive reception from many media outlets are sending people to stores to plunk down hundreds of dollars. By 6 PM local time, the Disney Infinity shelves were nearly empty as fans flocked to the store to grab as much as they could. Good work Disney! Your game has received so much positive attention that people are forgetting the (minor) downfalls of 2.0 and jumping right into an other ...


New Xbox One Elite Bundle Available to Preorder

mickey_silhouette_by_humongous_e-d5jz82y This year, Microsoft unveiled their Xbox One Elite controller, a controller that any one who plays console video games would love to have. Unfortunetly, the price here in Canada is pushing 200$ after you factor in taxes. For that kind of money, you could almost get a Wii U! Today, Microsoft announced the Xbox One Elite bundle was available to preorder.


X15 Toronto: Skylanders Remains Kid Friendly

x15-toronto_690x345 When trolling around the show floor at Microsoft of Canada's X15 Xbox event in Toronto this week, I stopped in to play the new Skylanders game from Activision. I was partially enticed by the game play I saw from far away, and also slightly enticed by the sweet swag they were offering. Regardless, I sat down with a member of the development team, played the game, and asked the one question I had: will Skylanders Super Chargers still be (little) kid friendly?


The History of Online Casinos

casino-history-350X260_522x388 There have been millions of pounds spent on online casinos over the years, and now betting adverts and web gambling are as common as the regular kind - if not more so.


New Splatoon Content Worth It

splatoonlogo If you've moved on from Splatoon it is time to go back. The August update added tons of new content to the game, but most importantly, the level cap was raised from 20 to 50. Overall, for free DLC, there really is not anything to dislike in this latest update.


Gamescom gets Backwards

gamescom-2015-850x560_589x388 Microsoft announced at Gamescom last week that they would be rolling out backwards compatibility to all Xbox One owners in November. Right now, the feature is exclusive to Xbox One preview program users. I have been using it for some time now, and for the most part, it works. If you purchased Rare Replay, you will get an idea of how the system will work for Xbox 360 titles.


Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Under Appreciated

banjo_logo_nutsandbolts_690x385 When the Banjo games landed on the Nintendo 64, no one thought they could compete with the other successful platforming titles on the system. Even near the end of its life cycle, people continued to debate which was better: Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, or either of the Banjo games.


Afterglow AG 7 Xbox One Headset Review

AG7__388x388 Performance Design Products is an industry leader in the video game accessories department, and if their E3 was any indication, they are not slowing down. There products line the shelves of retailers around the country, and cover everything from Wii U to Xbox One and 360 to PS3 and PS4.


Rare Replay: Worth Every Dollar

Rare-Replay-Xbox-One_690x344 The dollar per game price tag is not something you ever see on Xbox One or PS4. In fact, you rarely see that price tag on any gaming system. Paying a dollar for a game is mobile stuff! Or at least it was, until Rare and Microsoft launched Rare Replay last week. 30 Games, 30 Dollars.


Quiet Summer equals Big Fall? Nintendo Fans Hope So

Nintendo-WiiU-Preview_0015_DxO_690x460 Outside of Splatoon updates, Nintendo has done very little these past few months. Most people would come to the conclusion that their E3 press conference left a lot to be desired, and very little in way of new titles this summer has made few people forget that. Nintendo has had a disappointing Summer 2015, but this could mean bigger and better things this fall.